Rotabroach ELEMENT 30 Magnetic Drill The new "ELEMENT" range of magnetic drills, released by Rotabroach, are leading the way with innovative designs. Rotabroach machines are manufactured using high quality components, for reliability and performance in the harshest of environments. Built to last these compact, lightweight and powerful drills are a combination of style, ergonomics and high precision engineering with unique performance enhancing features. Rotabroach's unique torque display Cutsmart™ takes the difficulty out of drilling a hole. Clever electronics and visual display will guide you throughout the cut, optimising the machines performance and protecting your cutters. Inventive designs and advanced manufacturing has ensured the new "ELEMENT" range are among the lightest machines available in the world. The new ELEMENT 30 is a combination of power and portability. The machine is one of the lightest Magnetic Drills in the world. The Element 30 is versatile, accurate and portable, incorporating a strong magnetic adhesion to ensure the cuts are precise and clean.