Workwear & PPE

  • Deb


    Personal protection for employees in an industrial workplace. To meet the diverse skin care needs of all employees in an organisation, Deb has developed a unique programme approach which helps you find the right products for your workplace. This can be co-ordinated to address differing needs, from the factory floor to office areas, across canteens and health centres.

  • Goliath


    Goliath Footwear is part of the Yakupoglu (YDS) group, an international company specialising in workplace footwear and military fire, police and ambulance markets in the UK. We have been making boots that work since 1880 and have the skills, creativity and distribution network to deliver the widest selection of footwear for you and your business.

  • Honeywell


    Manufacturing State of the Art Safety Products for over 75 years.

    With over 7000 products not including colours and sizes, Honeywell have the largest manufactured product offering of safety and personal protective equipment (PPE)in the world.

    Honeywell manufacture 11 complete product lines.from 20 factories ISO 9000 certified worldwide.

  • L.Brador


    A complete range of clothing, equally suitable for work or casual wear with up to the minute fashion design as well as the more tradtional styles. Various ranges are included in the catalogue to suit a wide variety of working environments and styles.

    The range includes trousers, overalls, shirts, jackets, tops, etc. All L.Brador clothing is designed to work and is manufactured with the professional worker in mind.

  • Showa


    Every Showa glove is produced in a Showa owned and managed factory. All our gloves conform to relevant European Standards and carry the CE Mark in accordance with current legislation. Rigorous daily testing and quality control inspection for all products ensures our continuity and reliability further improving safety for the wearer.

  • Snickers


    Snickers Workwear is one of the leading brands in the workwear industry in Europe and is represented in more than 20 countries. For more than 30 years we have been driving the development of cutting-edge workwear based on the real needs of skilled craftsmen who have to be able to rely on their gear.